What type are you – the one who believes that DESIGN SHOULD BE PRACTICAL OR BEAUTIFUL?

When choosing a packaging design, do you feel like a customer in a crowded store, where you can’t find the right thing for you? “Hmmm – Which juice of the 15 offered, which salad bowl should I choose: practical, but not so beautiful, classic or modern, will he like blue or…?” Well then you give up on everything!

One thing is certain, a cup of coffee may seem incredible, but if the coffee out of the hat in my glorious beard, it is a bad design.

Good design should be understood and used by the target audience.

First of all, good design is always functional, which means that it does not disturb the use of the product in the least.

If we think carefully in the preparatory phases and go a step further – good design will always simplify the use of the product. For example, easier to open, a lid that functions as an especially opener or stopper.  Or the packaging that takes up less space on the shelf in the bathroom, or in the refrigerator.

Of course, it is necessary to design an appropriate motive response, that is, to arouse the desire to buy. It needs to be beautiful, in the desired color, in a fine bag, etc. It’s as if your target group, your customers, really like it.
In the end, the answer to this question can be found in what is this common functionality and beauty? – It’s simplicity and clarity.

From these two things, a great design is born.

So the correct conclusion is: I am the type who believes that the only good design is one that is both practical and beautiful at the same time!

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