Mini chicken salami for children ‘My Salami’

In an attempt to increase the perception of the brand to a higher premium status, the producer of meat products hired an atelier to redesign the brand. Packaging proposals are created with an increased emphasis on natural and luxurious product quality. The product line of chicken salami and mini fresh burgers covers products intended for the youngest, so the design concept primarily took this fact into account and introduced unique elements into graphic design. And that:
Cartoon details gave the packaging elements a high standard. The packaging is simple and clear, which introduces a modern sans serif font, set on two backgrounds that complements the details, charm and rich color of the identity. We used bright, vividly illustrated hens and roosters to contrast the luxurious deep gold color, or black in the second case. Compliments for the intense red tone in the name of the mini salami. The striking font, color and receptive name of the product have been pushed to the forefront, without insisting on the manufacturer’s logo, with the aim of recognizing the product in this way.

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