The main goal of the design is to sell the product. The most sensitive representative part of the product is the packaging. IN MORE THAN 50% it is the primary means of sale, for traders, and it is therefore important to design all the details well.

You like a design that is in harmony  with you, reminds you of something beautiful, awakens your memories, emotions of an event, etc. But, you guessed it, does a design that is related exclusively to you automatically be an emotion for your customers? Well, not really, because customers  have their own experience.

How, then, can we challenge our customers with emotions and associations through packaging and colors, in order  your mission can be fulfilled?

How, then, can we challenge our customers with emotions and associations through packaging and colors, so that your mission can be fulfilled?

1. The design of the sale is the one that is in line with the vision of your company. For example, if you sell healthy cookies, the association of health is paper, or ecological packaging, earth colors. Also, using a lot of bright colors will be appealing to young people, while softening will generally be more appealing to older consumers. Similarly, as we have seen in many recent years, the use of colors such as green or blue can help to display healthy options or represent companies that are, for example, engaged in organic production. Have you ever experienced life?

According to research conducted by marketing experts, consumers make a subconscious judgment about product in less than 90 seconds after reviewing it, and 62-90% of them base their assessment solely on color, which could be attributed to the fact that colors register much faster than text or complex graphics. Moreover, almost 85% of consumers say that color is the deciding factor when buying a product.

2.  If consistently maintained, elements of brand identity as a single graphic and color palette may become iconic over time.

When we think of the combination of red and white, let’s say, the vast majority think of Coca Cola. Is red chosen randomly? It’s not. Scientists Johnson and Clidesdale found that adding red coloring to cherry-flavored drinks increased the consumer’s perception of sweetness. This emphasizes how red is a good choice for brands that want to display sweet taste. Gradually, they will like to buy from you, they will love your products, they will be safe interests for your newcomers, and you will make it easier to make the process of recognizable products recognizable, so that in the whole product, they know exactly who is yours from afar and move towards it.If you are one of the entrepreneurs with a vision for your products to fulfill their mission without any restrictions, let us know that together we are creating a new perspective through design.

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