The design is no different from playing an instrument or even when a chef making a meal. If the elements of graphic design (line, color, texture, shape) are the ingredients exposed to the chef, and the design principles (movement, rhythm, proportion, etc.) are the ways of preparing a meal, imagine the final design as a served dish. MMMMM, smells good!

It is often asked how important it is to follow trends. Some self-imposed packaging may not use plastic packaging, and we will also want the design to be attractive. But is the global trend of minimalism in design acceptable to all markets?

,, I want a completely new unique design, never seen before!! It will be memorable! “Have you ever imagined the design of your label, logo, or packaging ???” The answer is:

The design should not be super original, at all – because people will not recognize it, but its goal is to be complete and different, unique in relation to the identity of the brand. The available range of colors is all over the world, the shapes of plastic packaging or oilseeds by groups of products. For example, if you were to make a non-open glass opener, no matter how advanced it is, people would not know how to open it and they would not like such a design. In fact, they would like it as people of the Renaissance would like techno music So, the design (print, package, visual elements, brochures, label, logo, video, content, posts, social networking)  should be obvious, but unique in some detail, recognizable by combinations or colors of the brand in order to associate customers with you (your products or services).

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