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At one point of an intensive phase of my life I realized I have a problem, a problem with defining my ideas in words. As if I could not find the right words at the right moment, they would slip away, and then they would appear later, when the moment has passed. Just then, when nothing could be done, I knew what I should have said…

Then, at the moment of omniscient silence, I would turn to drawing. I would draw and draw as if my life depended on it. And while drawing, I realized a great truth ‒ that the expression always finds its way, in this form or the other.

Everything, even abstract terms, wishes, intentions, events… I need to see them in front of my eyes first. They appear in my mind as images with colours and shapes. And after the images, come the right words.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It has been proved that the design sells the product. And not only that. In the industries that are related to health and nutrition, a placebo effect is created, so customers feel better because they believe that a good design also means a good quality of product. Even when a product was the same, but packed differently, people had 30% better results because they believed the packaging. Wow! That research opened a new perspective for me!

Then I was in the process of looking for a job. And, as it usually happens, my job found me. Very intuitively, I felt that I would best express myself and be able to help others through marketing, back in 2000, when very few people knew what it was, let alone how much the recognition and bloom it would have soon after that.

Getting the experience in a number of renowned companies, I was becoming aware that I could not express and achieve a part of my qualities and visions I believed in.

I believed my intuition, followed it, and it led me more and more towards design, towards some great people I work with today, towards the discoveries of the latest world tendencies, and towards a comprehensive expression, which now also includes a clear, timely communication.

In time, I have learned to express myself through an image, through words, and through an event… and I joined all of it in my work, which is not a job, or a profession, but my call ‒ my mission.

Now I know that there is always something that can be done, and that a moment can pass, but that the next one will follow it, as a new chance for a change of perspective and angle of observation, which enables all of us to improve our business, and to move on to new widths.

That is why I have developed numerous techniques which help me and my clients and co-workers to express ourselves better, being aware that each of us has a unique way of communication. Thanks to my own crisis, I have learned to listen carefully, to feel the needs of my clients, and I have studied all the possible ways of connecting and establishing a healthy and fruitful cooperation.

Thanks to that, at that time, worrying, but as I see it now, very transformative life phase, I have discovered my new me, my call, and with it, a large number of great people have come into my life, who I have worked with on the projects which improve lives and change world(s).

Now that we have recognized each other, contact me so that we can connect, exchange experiences, and find new perspective together.

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